Dog Friendly Lutsen Adventures: Sidewalk, Dog Walks, and Trails

Urban dog walking and backcountry dog walking can both be enjoyed by dog lovers and each have their advantages. If you are staying at pet-friendly Caribou Highlands you can enjoy both together or separately. By “urban” we don’t mean to say that Lutsen is in a big city. On the contrary, tall mountains full of […] [...] Read More

Canoeing vs. Kayaking

Canoeing on the Poplar River
People coming to the Arrowhead of Minnesota usually want to explore the water. This includes, of course Lake Superior, but also the many miles of inland lakes and streams. The canoe was the main vehicle for water exploration, for the original inhabitants of the area. While the kayak was originally developed by far-north groups like […] [...] Read More

7 Tips to Affording A Family Vacation

Toddler exploring Caribou Highlands
As a mother to a toddler, I will admit escaping for a family vacation tends to fall to the bottom of my list. The constant need for house chores, errands, non-overlapping work schedules, plus limited finances are just a few of the constraints our family faces. We seem to be bound to the stay-cation. Recently, […] [...] Read More

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